Speakers & Workshops

Keynote: Recipe for a Thriving Community:

Establishing an Internal Economy with Social Enterprises, Community Labor Systems, and More – Diana Leafe Christian  

9:00 -10:30 AM

Diana Leafe Christian will cover how four large, well-established communities (income-sharing as well as independent-income communities) established village-scale economies by starting social enterprises, creating community labor systems, and applying the principles of earning, spending, saving, and investing money onsite, and how smaller and newer communities can do the same. Diana will describe success stories as well as cautionary tales. Example communities include Crystal Waters in Australia, the Farm in Tennessee, Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, and Earthaven in North Carolina.

Speaker Schedule


7:00 PM Welcome, Introduction, Goals & Expectations

7:15 PM Opening Speaker – Sky Blue – “Why Do Intentional Communities Matter?”


9:00 -10:30 AM – Keynote – Diana Leafe Christian

11:00 AM – Workshops:

  • Al Lampell…Fair Oaks Eco-Housing: “Living in Community: What type of people do best in communities and why”
  • Raines Cohen…Cohousing California: “Regional Organizing”
  • Panel – Diana, GPaul, Sky, Lois: “How to Do Healthy Community”

3:00 PM – Workshops

  • Lois Arkin…LA Ecovillage: “The Making and Thriving  of LA Ecovillage”
  • Paul Brooks…The Communisphere: “The Communisphere – Visualizing Whole Systems”
  • Betsy Morris…Cohousing California: “ABCs of Good Group Process”

5:00 PM – Workshops

  • Calah Lopez…Democracy at Work Network: “Worker Cooperatives in Intentional Community”
  • Joshua Alvord…Local Earth: “Ecovillage Playshop”
  • Panel –  “Financing your Community”


9:00 AM – Workshops

  • Jonah Mesritz…Emerald Village: “Steps to Buying your Community Property – lessons learned”
  • GPaul Blundell…Compersia Community: “Income Sharing – How various communities do it”
  • Jennifer Ierymenko…Social Score: “Evaluate how well places facilitate social connection”

11:00 AM – Workshops

  • Teresa Baker…LATCH Collective: “Cooperatives as a Business Model” 
  • Diana: “Introduction to Sociocracy”
  • Craig Saloner…“A Peek into the Emerald Village Financial World”

1:00 PM Open Space – Participant driven workshop sessions

  • Liv Wafler: Safer Space Workshop: Nonviolent Communication in High Stakes Conversations

3:00 PM – Final Assembly

3:30 PM – Closing session – Sky – “Okay, now we go change the world.”